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AKP supports marine mammal research, one whale at a time


The work of Allied Whale, the marine mammal research group of College of the Atlantic, has significantly increased our understanding of humpback whale populations, including behavior and habitat. Founded in 1972, the group conducts research for the effective conservation of marine mammal populations and their habitats. Importantly, it established the first oceanwide catalog of individually-identified whales, which it continues to update with the vital support of AKP and A&K’s guests.

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Guests travelling on Luxury Expedition Cruises Classic Antarctica and Antarctica, South Georgia & the Falkland Islands can become part of the research effort by sending photographs of humpback whales and information about where and when they were taken to Allied Whale’s Antarctic Humpback Whale Catalogue. The information helps researchers investigate the movement of whales between the Southern Ocean and lower latitude waters.