Chiang Mai Mushroom House


AKP Project Since 2016



AKP empowers local women through farming and community business


Chiang Mai Mushroom House enhances the lives of local women by offering them opportunities to learn mushroom farming, earn income for their families, and provide nutritious food to a vulnerable population. Working with The Wildflower Home, a safe home for mothers and their children in crisis situations, AKP has provided support to construct a mushroom house with 4,000 oyster mushroom spawn bags to get the farm started. While also providing an income for these mothers, the additional revenue generated has been designated to support The Wildflower Home and purchase more mushroom spawn bags to sustain the farm.

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Visit the Chiang Mai Mushroom House, where you learn how A&K Philanthropy has teamed up with a local safe home to construct a mushroom farm benefiting families in crisis. A&K can include a visit to Chiang Mai Mushroom House on a Tailor Made Journey to Thailand. Contact our offices in Australia, the UK or the USA for assistance in creating an itinerary just for you.