Dipetsana Women’s Bike Shop


AKP Project Since 2016


AKP empowers local women through community business


The Dipetsana Women’s Bike Shop employs five local women in Kasane, Botswana. Used, donated bikes were collected and shipped from the United States, and, upon its arrival, the shipping container itself was converted into the bike shop. The selected women have gone through an extensive training program to teach them business skills and how to be bike mechanics.

This village bike shop and tour enterprise provides these women with the opportunity to earn a much-needed income while also giving their community vital access to transportation. With AKP support, the bike shop receives restock shipments on a regular basis. Learn more about AKP’s worldwide Bike Shop Program.

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A&K can include a visit to the Dipetsana Women’s Bike Shop on a Tailor Made Journey to Botswana. Contact our offices in Australia, the UK or the USA for assistance in creating an itinerary just for you.