Ebenezer Primary School


AKP Project Since 2017


AKP provides education and support for the next generation of conservationists—children


Closely linked by DNA, gorillas are one of the four species of great apes that are the closest living relatives of humans – the other three are chimpanzees, bonobos and orangutans. There must be space in this world for free roaming gorillas. The Bwindi Impenetrable National Park is such a place. The same forest has been home to the Batwa people (pygmies) since before recorded history. They, too, have rights, including the right to a healthy quality of life. AKP is dedicated to finding a balance between gorilla conservation and human health for populations that live on the edge of wilderness. Expanding upon our work in the area to improve health initiatives, AKP acknowledges that we must also dedicate our resources to the youth of Bwindi.

Ebenezer Primary School, near Sanctuary Gorilla Forest Camp, provides learning opportunities for children living in communities around Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, among the poorest people in the world. AKP support of the school focuses on helping build classrooms and the administrative building, as well as provide resources vital to the students’ education.

Visit this Project

While a guest at Sanctuary Gorilla Forest Camps, visit with Ebenezer students and teachers. Both recognize their co-existence with wildlife and their increasing interdependence with the tourism industry, subjects that often provoke interesting discussions with A&K guests.

A&K can include a visit to Ebenezer Primary School on a Tailor Made Journey to Uganda. Contact our offices in Australia, the UK or the USA for assistance in creating an itinerary just for you.