Coping through COVID with Our Worldwide Partner Communities
During this time of uncertainty, Abercrombie & Kent Philanthropy remains fully committed to supporting the 125,000 community members worldwide that rely on our organization. The following are just some examples of how AKP is taking action as the world adapts to the “new normal”:


Through AKP support, Favela Inc has been able to distribute food and hygiene kits, as well as masks and hydrogel throughout the Vidigal community. Thanks to the combined support of AKP and Favela Inc’s partner organizations, more than 3,000 families have been assisted through emergency relief efforts organized through the Vidigal Vive program. Learn more.


Our well-building partners in Cambodia are safely providing life’s basic need — water — which gives these rural families an accessible way to wash their hands to protect themselves from the virus.  From April to November 2020, the team has installed 98 wells and biosand filters in districts around the Siem Reap province. We expect well-building to continue on without interruptions through 2020 – for a total of 130 wells built this year.


Although the government of India has been prompt in their response to the pandemic, government aid has not yet been able to reach everyone in need. Through AKP’s Emergency Relief program, dry food provisions have been delivered to 300 families in Northeast Jaipur and 2,345 packets have been distribruted throughout the slums of Udaipur.


In Kenya, AKP has implemented a COVID-19 food program to serve communities in Amboseli and the Masa Mara. On a monthly basis, we have delivered food kits to more than 114 households (approx. 838 people). Each household has received 60 kgs of food that includes rice, beans, and porridge. Find out more.


In September 2020, a medical supply container (valued at $337,000 USD) was delivered to Hiro, Tanzania. Contents include syringes, surgical kits, nebulizers, respiratory supplies, diapers, wipes, dressing kits, gauze, and other essential supplies not easily obtained in Tanzania. The container contents will be utilized by the Faraja Hospital, located in the Kilimanjaro region of Tanzania. Learn more.


Amidst the pandemic, AKP has continued with our support of school infrastructure & learning resources. In Zambia, construction has continued on a new learning centre at Nakatindi Primary School – a great source of pride for the community. A library, computer lab and communal work space have been designed as a unique, eye-catching, and creative learning environment for the school’s 850 students. Read on.

Why support now? Why AKP?

AKP has deep, long-term relationships with our partner communities. Other NGO’s & non-profits often don’t operate in these rural, isolated regions – but we are there. And, we are there with full-time professional community development workers.

We are uniquely positioned to deliver the type of support our partners need – at exactly this time. Day by day, AKP works with our global network to identify shifting priorities & needs. We direct support to areas of greatest need, including:


  • Delivering food supply packages to resource-limited communities
  • Providing essential PPE, health & hygiene supplies not easily attained in areas
  • Continuing focus on feeding children
  • Equipping families with clean water access


  • Giving schools the resources they need to ensure uninterrupted educational access for their students
  • Continuing school infrastructure projects
  • Serving daily school lunches & providing alternative feeding programs when schools are not in session


  • Supplementing bike shops with additional inventory to sustain their businesses
  • Assisting small business enterprises with interim overhead costs, such as supplies for bead-making programs
  • Supporting local organizations & enterprises with any resources needed to remain operational

Make a general donation that will be applied toward projects in greatest need or direct your gift to any AKP-supported country.

100% of your donation will be applied directly to the program of your choice.