Hansraj Children’s Home Receive Generous Gift From Donor

INDIA | The villages adjacent to Udaipur are among the least literate regions of Rajasthan, India. The main source of income for parents is agriculture, livestock or working construction. With the average annual income of families between $200-400 (USD), it is difficult for families to meet the educational needs of their children. The dropout rate is very high and discrimination between boys and girls in education is very prevalent. Although there are primary schools in the villages, enrollment of girls is very low due to societal pressures, involvement in household duties, lack of transportation, and insufficient parental support.

Since 2017, AKP has been a proud supporter of Hansraj Children’s Home-a residential school that provides equal education opportunities for their enrollment of 100 girls. AKP’s involvement includes improvement of facilities and helping provide resources for free education, books, and meals. A comfortable learning space can have a profound impact on students and teachers as it can be difficult for children to flourish without adequate resources.

A couple months ago, guests visited Hansraj Children’s Home and were inspired by the mission and vision of this cause for the improvement of young girl’s education. They were inspired to donate a television for educational and recreational purposes – a need conveyed to them by the school administration. The TV is being used throughout the week for a variety of different learning experiences and evening enjoyment.

This exciting example of transformative travel creates not only a more authentic and relational experience for guests, but also continues to impact lives and education of people in the communities where our guests travel across the globe!