Journey to the West with the Boys & Girls Clubs of Chicago

United States

AKP Project Since 2021


AKP provides experiential education and career exploration in America's west


In partnership with the Boys & Girls Clubs of Chicago (BGCC), AKP introduces young adults from Chicago to the travel and tourism industry while enriching their lives with a wide array of experiences—many unique to America's Western landscape.

The primary purpose of this partnership is to provide these young people with an introduction to A&K and the tourism industry, as well as exposure to the lives and livelihoods of those living and working in the western U.S. 

For three summers, a group of 18-24-year-olds has traveled to Idaho and Wyoming to meet and engage with people who work in the tourism industry. 

In August 2023, 22 young adults and BGCC staff traveled to Jackson, Wyoming, where they stayed for nine days at Teton Science Schools. They participated in workshops and learned about various professions, including hospitality, photography, snowboarding and farming. For the first time, BGCC added a new leadership opportunity to the experience, allowing five individuals who had previously gone on a trip to return as leaders in training. They served as leaders and mentors for the younger participants.

"Having motivation is hard when you're doing something that you're not used to, but at the end you can say that you did it, and that's empowering."