Project Leopard

Sri Lanka

AKP Project Since 2015



AKP is saving leopards by supporting cattle farmers


Yala National Park in Sri Lanka is home to the largest population of the endangered Sri Lankan leopard. Unfortunately, human-leopard conflict with bordering communities is a threat to leopard survival. Livestock can be an easy meal and cattle farmers justifiably retaliate when their animals are taken. The negative spiral can be interrupted by protecting cattle in steel enclosures at night. This simple solution is almost 100% successful in protecting livestock from leopard predation. As a result, not only are fewer leopards killed, but families have more meat and milk to feed themselves and to sell for an income.

Visit this Project

Visit a farm on the outskirts of Yala National Park to see how locals have teamed up with A&K Philanthropy to help leopards and humans coexist. Learn how the farmers are employing steel livestock enclosures to shelter cattle from the threat of nightly leopard attack as an alternative to more lethal means of intervention.

A&K can include a visit to Project Leopard on a Tailor Made Journey to Sri Lanka. Contact our offices in Australia, the UK or the USA for assistance in creating an itinerary just for you.