Save the Albatross


AKP Project Since 2010



AKP saves these magnificent birds from needless slaughter


Save the Albatross, a global campaign of Birdlife International, is devoted to helping save the albatross and other seabirds from becoming accidently tangled in deep sea fishing lines and dying needlessly. With support from AKP, Birdlife International and ACAP (Agreement for Conservation for Albatross and Petrel) have worked with Fishtek Ltd. to develop a hook pod, a reusable device that surrounds baited hooks from the time they are deployed until they sink too deep for albatrosses to reach, when it opens to expose the bait to fish. These devices have already proven effective in at-sea trials in saving albatrosses and other large seabirds, with the mutual benefit of protecting the seabirds and increasing the yield and profitability of the legal fishing operation.

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Guests travelling on Luxury Expedition Cruises Classic Antarctica and Antarctica, South Georgia & the Falkland Islands can learn more about the need for effective mitigation to solve the seabird bycatch problem and witness wandering albatross in their natural habitat.