Ten Years of Creating Opportunities for All Children to Succeed

In 2007, AKP funded the construction of the first primary school in Arusha, Tanzania specifically designed for children with hearing impairments, mental disabilities, or physical disabilities: the Ilboru Special Needs School. Our commitment didn’t stop there however. For the past 10 years, AKP has been continually working to ensure that the children at Ilboru school have the resources needed to reach their highest potential and lead fulfilling lives.

In the past decade, AKP has funded school supplies, a literacy program with e-reader books, and built a secondary school. We have been able to make measurable impact in the development of these children. And we know this has only been possible through the combined efforts and support of all those who share our mission: A&K staff; the spirited collaboration of the school administration and teachers; and the generous financial support from inspired guests.

With gratitude and much pride, here’s a look back at some highlights of AKP’s involvement with Ilboru Special Needs School over the past 10 years.