Favela Inc


AKP Project Since 2019


AKP supports local entrepreneurs and organizations within the favela community


A&K Philanthropy supports the local NGO, Favela Inc, and the work they do as an incubator inside the favela — understanding and helping a variety of projects from the favela achieve success. We believe that supporting others who are working to support social entrepreneurs is the most effective way to positively impact people’s lives — and that’s what A&K Philanthropy is doing in Rio.

Favela Inc incubates and accelerates a favela-based ecosystem by empowering and educating local entrepreneurs and organizations into the game changers of tomorrow. Favela Inc helps support five projects that all benefit the local community:

  • Batucavidi: A percussion project for children and adolescents that brings together a passion for music with the motivation to impact lives in a positive way.
  • Vidigal Capoeira: A non-profit organization that teaches children and adolescents the importance of discipline and teamwork through capoeira, music and other aspects of Afro-brazilian culture.
  • Sitiê Eco Park: A community developed ecological park, environmental education center and garden collaboratively created through the removal of nearly 5 tons of trash.
  • Vidigal Beer: An authentic artisanal brewery, combining traditional manufacturing techniques with the creativity and unique taste of the favela.
  • Tours in Vidigal: A locally owned favela-based tourism company that seeks to breakdown negative stereotypes through authentic, adventurous cultural experiences that highlight the beauty and diversity of the community.

Visit this Project

During a visit to the Favela Inc Vidigal program, guests will hear inspiring life stories and meet people that are making a difference in the community where they live. Real people talking about real life and how they could do so much to change a hard reality with just a few resources. A&K can include a visit to s favela project on a Tailor Made Journey to Brazil. Contact our offices in Australia, the UK or the USA for assistance in creating an itinerary just for you.