Antarctica Climate Change Project


AKP Project Since 2007



AKP is helping to discover the potentially deadly effects of climate change on the planet’s valuable marine life


Studying the effect of climate change on polar marine life in the Southern Ocean surrounding Antarctica is the purpose of the Antarctica Climate Change Project, directed by award-winning climate change expert Dr. James McClintock of the University of Alabama. In addition to its research efforts, the project’s educational component supports outreach programs to students in grades K-12.

Since 2007, AKP and A&K guests have contributed to Dr. McClintock’s pioneering studies with the purchase of essential laboratory supplies and equipment, including penguin satellite tags and drones. In 2012 the researchers at Palmer Station were presented with a “penguin cam.” The live-streaming equipment was installed on Torgersen Island to monitor a population of Adelie penguins. Watch them live October to February by clicking here.

Visit this Project

Travel with Dr. McClintock on one of A&K’s Antarctic Cruise Adventure journeys and deepen your understanding of environmental issues through his enriching lectures and excursions centered on environmental conservation. If conditions permit, visit the U.S. Palmer Research Station for a behind-the-scenes tour and the presentation of research equipment donated by AKP.