Launch of Nakatindi’s Bike Shop in Zambia

This past weekend, the bike shop in Nakatindi Village, Zambia hosted a launch event and officially opened to the public. The event was complete with singing and dancing, a ribbon cutting, and tree planting. Many members of the village turned out for the festivities and are very excited about the new bike enterprise.

The five women who are employed at the shop chose the name Chipego Bike Shop, which means “gift” in the local language. Each of the women has gone through an intensive two-month training program funded by AKP. Their new jobs are opening new horizons for each of the ladies. They are excited to reinvest a portion of the proceeds of their shop back into the community.

Agathar, age 38, lives with her husband and their six children in the home of one of the patients she cares for through the Nakatindi Health Committee. Agathar’s husband is currently not employed, and Agathar hopes her job with the bike shop will provide her family the means to build a home of their own someday.

Sitali, age 33, is pregnant with her sixth child. She and her husband have also taken in her orphaned niece and nephew. Her husband’s income as a truck driver is not guaranteed, so they are very appreciative of Sitali’s new job opportunity.

Musole, age 37, has three children and is married to a bricklayer who often has trouble finding work. With the income from her new job, Musole looks forward to paying her children’s school fees and adding on to their tiny house.

Bridget, age 42, is married, but her husband has been unable to find fulltime employment. Together they have five children and care for two orphans. Bridget has been involved in small enterprises such as soap-making, but employment at the bike shop will bring her family a steady income.

Esther, age 19, lives at home with her parents and three siblings. Currently her brother, a security guard at a tourism organization, is the financial supporter of the entire family. Her new job at the bike shop gives Esther a chance to help contribute to the family.

To view a video of AKP’s work in Nakatindi Village, CLICK HERE.

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