Safe Water for Inle Lake: LifeStraw Filters Installed in Myanmar

By Nang Htoo Htoo, AKP Myanmar Coordinator

MYANMAR | Access to clean water is a major need for the people of the Inle Lake region of Myanmar. The community can no longer rely on lake water for consumption. As they grow crops on floating islands and use fertilizers, the lake water has become polluted. Villages had begun to rely on purified drinking water produced by water factories for cooking and drinking. Some poor families, who still could not afford to buy purified drinking water, collected water from areas where the water is cleaner and used it for cooking and drinking. Since the lake water is rich in iron, it is harmful to their health and many people suffer illness from liver-related diseases.

In early 2021, after this need was identified, four LifeStraw filters were sent from A&K’s Bangkok office to Inle Lake, to be installed once the situation in the country became safer.

In June, AKP installed the first of the filters in the region, located at Pa-hta-ma Monastery and San Yar Monastery in Ywa Ma Village, and at Nga Phe Chaung Monastery and Primary School in Nga Phe Chaung Village.

During the implementation trip, the locals were trained on AKP and how to use the filters, using presentations, maintenance manuals, videos, and Q&A sessions. Guests will be able to visit this project and learn about how it benefits the community once travel to Myanmar resumes.