Supporting Japan’s Amami Wildlife Conservation Center

JAPAN | A&K Expedition Cruises has a long history of supporting AKP projects worldwide, providing financial and in-kind support for initiatives such as climate change research in Antarctica, cultural education in the Arctic, habitat restoration on South Georgia Island, and the newest addition: support for Japan’s Amami Wildlife Conservation Center.

Last year, when A&K visited Amami-Oshima, we learned of the efforts underway to protect the endangered Amami Rabbit. The Amami Wildlife Conservation Center has been in the midst of a very important restoration project to catch and relocate introduced species of Indian Mongoose which have had a detrimental impact on the populations of the endemic and now endangered Amami Rabbit. Like many habitat restoration projects this is a multi-phase project that requires significant funding and support.

This June, A&K and AKP presented a check on behalf of our guests to the Amami Wildlife Conservation Center in support of their efforts. We look forward to continuing this relationship and protecting the precious ecosystems where our guests visit